A display of the most innovative technology from around the country, ranging from high-speed drones to drag-and-drop robot arms, the Tech Expo is the most eye-catching event of Abhiyantriki. Having collaborated with big names like DRDO, BARC, ISRO, DAE and many more, the tech expo will surely ignite the fire of science and engineering in your budding mind!
With the motto ‘Service before Self' the Indian Army is one of the world’s most powerful armed forces. And in synergy with Abhiyantriki, the impossible becomes a reality. Technology only observed in works of fiction become a reality here, as the Indian Army brings in their best, from weapons seen in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie to firepower unheard of!
Keeping true to the phrase, ‘saving the best for the last’, we present to you the last exhibit of the Tech Expo- the Kalam SAT. Kalam SAT, which is named after the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is the brainchild of child prodigy Rifath Sharook who was only 18 years old when he made it with his high school team. It weighs a meagre 64 grams and is fitted in a 3.8 centimetres cube making it the lightest and smallest satellite in the world. Owing to its compactness, NASA launched the Kalam SAT on 22 June 2017 from Wallops Island flight facility in Virginia. The Kalam SAT is a shining example of India’s scientific progress and it is our honour to have it at Abhiyantriki 2018.
The Mini Humanoid Robot is a marvel of modern day engineering. It stands 14" inches tall and consists of 16 servo motors working in tandem to mimic human movement. The Robot can easily dance, sing, and walk. It can also perform other activities which include yoga and swimming. Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance to catch the Mini Humanoid Robot in action only at Abhiyantriki 2018!
SP Robotics Maker Lab will demonstrate the working of Bluetooth controlled Pick and Place Robot, Pit Avoider Robot, Gesture-controlled Robot, Autonomous Walking Quadruped, and many more. SP Robotics Maker Lab will demonstrating IOT Enabled personal assistant that can speak with, remind, and help the user monitor devices and control them from anywhere around the world. Visit Abhiyantriki 2018 to witness these cutting edge innovations live!
R2-D2 is inspired by its namesake astromech droid from Star Wars. The user can control the droid with a smart device or keep Artoo in top shape with olographic simulations. Visit Abhiyantriki 2018 to watch this iconic droid being brought to life like never before.
Netra Pro is the most versatile UAVs around! It can used in demanding conditions as it’s rugged & IP53 ingress certified. It is also very versatile as it supports exotic payload combination such as simultaneous day and night cameras, LiDAR, multispectral cameras & supply drops. Useful in Security & Surveillance, Inspection, Photogrammetry, Traffic Management, Crowd Management, Disaster Relief, Harsh Environment, & Operation Supply Drops. Catch it live only at Abhiyantriki 2018!
The Sprk lighting lab allows anyone to program their robot. Owing to its size, the bot provides excellent accessibility. Drag and drop actions, controls, operators, & move to give your bot the orders. Visit Abhiyantriki 2018 to watch it live!
The A1Chek is Smart HbA1C Meter used to quantitatively measure the concentration of HbA1C in whole blood, suitable for the self-monitoring of HbA1C for diabetes patients. It helps users to understand their diabetes, control status or to monitor their risk of developing diabetes making it an excellent diagnosis and management tool! Catch it in action at Abhiyantriki 2018!
ToucHb is a non-invasive anaemia screening device which works by illuminating & taking an image of the exposed conjunctiva of an individual with visible light. It then quantifies pallor to give a semiquantitative estimate of haemoglobin. ToucHb is intended for screening purpose in primary health settings and is not to be used for diagnostic or emergency application. To know more about this ingenious machine, visit Abhiyantriki 2018!
Nkd POD+ is a bottle with built-in filter 585ML. It is a Tritan bottle with silicone finish that allows the user to drink healthy, clean, and safe water from taps, rivers, and lakes. The bottle energises the water by removing up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. It slightly alkalises the water and increases antioxidant. To know more, visit the Tech Expo at Abhiyantriki 2018!
Neurosky is the 1st company to come out with a medical/research grade personal EEG headset with their own proprietary chip set TGAM. Puzzlebox Orbit is a kickstarter project by Steve Castellotti which was successfully commercialized as a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) product. Watch it live only at Abhiyantriki 2018!
Ugears is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical models sets designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material! Some models draw inspiration from real-life mechanisms, some are absolutely unique, and all of them have been designed by Ugears from scratch. Catch their exhibit live at Abhiyantriki 2018!
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