Tech Expo

A display of the most innovative technologies from around the country, ranging from humanoid robots to high-speed drones, Tech Expo is the most eye-catching event of Abhiyantriki. Exhibits from some big names like DRDO, BARC, IMD, DAE and many more at the tech expo are sure to ignite a fire for science and technology and leave you inquisitive!

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Indro 4.0

The latest version of INDRO is a machine-based humanoid, programmed to provide the user a physical experience of a robot. INDRO has been upgraded to an autonomous robot developed on AI platform. The architecture of INDRO 4.0 uses machine intelligence mechanisms and machine learning algorithms. This humanoid can perform all the actions that we humans can perform.
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The creation of Asimov Robotics, The Sayabot is here! It is the first Indian multi-purpose humanoid service bot. It incorporates numerous fascinating features like visual, touch, audio, speech, motion and control. The form-factor, appearance and behaviour of this particular robot is pretty similar to a human being. Sayabot is a versatile robot that can be customized to perform tasks in various sectors like hospitality, security, retail, health care, education and banking.
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Matsya 6.0

A robotic submarine, Matsya 6.0 designed by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay is an autonomous underwater vehicle that operates on its own without any human intervention. This interesting piece of technology is capable of detecting underwater objects through cameras installed on it or through the sound excited by the objects.
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3Dexter Education

3Dexter being a leading edu-tech company in the field of 3D printing that aims at giving students from various institutes an opportunity to innovate at grassroot level by training them. They believe in teaching students a new transforming technology which is upcoming and belongs to the technology revolution. 3Dexter instils in the students a wave of curiosity that enables them to learn better and understand the process closely. This company’s motto is to train young minds to shape the future by making them solve real life problems through monthly and quarterly projects.
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Indra Flow Series eliminates the pollutants from the wastewater coming from various sectors using minimal energy and chemical-free alternatives for chemical coagulation. It is an Electro-Coagulation-based system, displayed at Abhiyantriki2020’s tech-expo, for your experience and understanding of how the system works wonders.
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The device SCINTIGLO is outstanding, convenient, and very reliable for the estimation of urinary microalbumin. The test is critical in making clinical decisions for the early signs of kidney damage and many more diseases. This device might prove to be very useful when it comes to the people of remote villages due to its flexibility yet good accuracy. Don’t miss out on experiencing such great devices at Tech Expo in Abhiyantriki 2020
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NPCIL that stands for Nuclear Power Corporation is an Indian Public Sector Enterprise, administered by the Department of Atomic Energy wholly owned by the Government of India and is responsible for carrying out all the operations of nuclear power reactors right from designing to commissioning. Adding to the glory of Abhiyantriki2020, we are having NPCIL at the Tech-Expo to enlighten us all with the wonders of their work and achievements. Not to miss out that NPCIL currently has eight reactors under construction that are of whooping 6200MW capacity. To witness and learn more about such amusing works by NPCIL be a part of Tech-Expo at Abhiyantriki 2020.
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Quanteon Powertrain

With all the renowned names and prosperous company, Abhiyantriki 2020 has not even left the budding start-up companies behind Quanteon Powertrain Pvt Ltd is one such start-up that has filed for a patent and developed an axial flux motor with unique 95% regenerative braking. With the motive to offer powertrain solutions to automobile OEMs that includes enabling them from removing frictional pads based brakes and gearbox with simple axial-flux in-wheel motor hub for an electrical vehicle. To explore and dig deeper into the works of this Start-up join us at Tech-Expo in Abhiyantriki
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Dhruva Space

Reaching new heights of expectations Abhiyantriki2020 has got for you all Dhruva Space that is a privately held company engaged in the development of small satellites in the commercial, government, and academic markets. They couple these small satellites with Earth stations and Launch services. Want to understand and know how a small satellite is launched in vast space and how it carries out the tasks assigned? Don’t wait become a part of Tech-Expo in Abhiyantriki 2020
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Pigeon Innovative

An innovative company that specializes in providing professional services with innovative sensor technologies using drones, Pigeon Innovative solutions is a drone Survey Company in India. Their services go from the area of UAV Drone surveying, topographic survey, 3D models, aerial infrastructure monitoring, and many more. To see how their amusing Drones work and provide services and learn so much more about, we welcome you to be a part of Tech-Expo at Abhiyantriki 2020
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KWatt Solutions Pvt ltd

A technology-driven company focusing on energy optimization and technology customization to develop and nurture a network of entrepreneurs, by providing economical renewable energy solutions. Their solar centre of excellence is established to help students learn, research and publish papers or file patents through getting hands-on experience in Solar Technology using various products like Solar simulation system, Solar PV tracking system etc.
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Paper-Based skin infection sensor

A one of its kind sensor, the Ramja Genosensor is a paper-based sensor which detects bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance in an HOUR and a HALF. Ramja Genosensor is developing a product, which is specific, sensitive, portable and sturdy. A huge breakthrough in infection detection, Ramja Genosesnsor is the first Indian company with state-of-the-art technology in infection detection, this is the future of medical sciences!
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Team Antariksh

A student space technology organization with the goal of understanding, disseminating and applying engineering skills for innovation in the field of Aerospace. The hundred-member strong team, currently involved in designing a nanosatellite payload for ISRO’s PSLV Stage-4 suborbital platform and indigenously developing sounding rockets. With a long term goal of achieving the self-landing capability. With members belonging to various engineering backgrounds, this is a perfect opportunity for all the space enthusiasts to interact and learn!
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1Martian Way

Most popularly known as the creators of the internationally acclaimed Indian Drone Racing League(IDRL). 1 Martian Way is an Artificial Intelligence-based company that manufactures software and embedded AI systems used to power various drones, robots, web and mobile platforms and advanced automation systems!
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Prasann Deshmukh

Prasann Deshmukh, a professional radio control aircraft constructor and radio control pilot; he has an experience of over 3 years in radio control flying! With a 100% track record, Mr Prasann has participated in 13 national and international competitions and he has won all of them! Don’t miss the chance to interact, and learn more about radio control aircraft and piloting by the expert himself Mr Prasann Deshmukh, only at Abhiyantriki 2020!
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Multi-purpose food processing machine

Dharambir food processing technologies, a multi-purpose food processing machine is one of its kind! Working on a single-phase motor, and an electric motor to drive the central shaft, it has the capacity to process a wide variety of products without breaking the seeds of the fruit or vegetable and convert them into juices, facewash, shampoos and so much more! Gauges are provided so that they can be used to monitor the temperature and pressure of the machine for the processing of certain products.
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The robot ‘Coro-bot’ will be operated by a special app from any location in the world based on the idea of Internet of Things (IoT). This robot can provide various services such as delivering food, water and medicines to the patients suffering from COVID-19, without any necessity of physical presence of nurses as well as other care-givers. Impressed by its performance, Thane Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde has indicated to deploy Coro-bot in over a dozen government and private hospitals of the district.
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A mindware headset that picks up your brains electrical activity and tells you about your mental state? Invest! FT&S are the authorised distributors of Neurosky headsets for the past seven years! The headset picks up your brains electrical activity, divides the signal received by frequency into various waves, allowing it to infer your mental state. For most of the non-scientific apps, it only reads how relaxed or concentrated you are.
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Unicorn Robot

Unicorn is a revolutionary project in water-free solar panel cleaning technology by Aegeus Technologies advancements like differentiating among the dust makes it quite flexible. The self-cleaning, self-powered providing high reliability of cleaning there-by ensures improved efficiency.
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Mayku Formbox

A quick and simple solution to all your creations. The FormBox can pick up even the finest detail of your design! Crafted to fit perfectly into your workspace with enough power-packed to create a factory finish in the matter of a few minutes. The FormBox gives you the power to create food in almost any shape quickly and affordably.

Orion Racing

Orion Racing India the official formula student team of K.J Somaiya College of Engineering was born. Budding engineering students from various streams develop, design and manufacture a formula style car to take part in National and International Design Competitions in Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Red Shift Racing

Redshift Racing India is the official BAJA SAE team of K J Somaiya College of Engineering. The team designs, fabricates and tests a single seater All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) participating in national and international competitions like BAJA SAE India , BAJA SAE USA , ESI , Mega ATV Championship and others.

Team ETA

Team Eta is a student team that participates annually in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s leading energy efficiency competition programmes. Students are challenged to design, build and test energy-efficient cars, pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Team Onyx

Team Onyx India, the aero design club of K J Somaiya College of Engineering, are a group of enthusiasts who have a passion for all things related to the world of aviation. By participating in various aeromodelling competitions, the team gets to expand their pool of knowledge and test various technical, analytical skills by validating research.

Team Robocon

Robocon is a team dedicated to the field of robotics. Founded in 2010 by a group of students, Team KJSCE Robocon has paved the way for young intelligent minds to practice and implement new and innovative designs in modern day robotics.


The Marine Robotics Team (TMRT) is the underwater robotics and offshore engineering team of the college. Our team was founded on 27th July 2017. We aim to build an “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle” which is capable of performing a set of tasks and making its own decisions based on a few algorithms like Deep Learning, etc.

Watt Technovations

The Cov-Tech ventilation system is one of the worlds most economical ventilation system developed for the ventilation of PPE suits. As we all know, doctors have to wrest thick PPE suits for long hours which leads to the development of a huge amount of sweat on the inside. This in turn causes development of fungal infections and a massive amount of discomfort. The covtech ventilation system solves this problem by maintaining a continuous flow of virus free filtered air inside the PPE suit.

Developed by Devansh Shah, Manasi Varaiya and Naman Shah